• Seismic Alert

    We have developed this patented product, the Multi-Function Earthquake Alarm Device, based on the above research and studies. It alerts of abnormal geomagnetic activities, contains an earthquake alarm, functions as an emergency lamp, and is able to send visual and audio SOS distress alarms.




  • Multi-Function Seismic Alert




  • How It Works




  • It can save your life.


    Earthquake Alert


    Earthquake Alert detects a minimum ≥4.0 magnitude earthquake, sounds a penetrating alarm and wakes you up - then Illuminates your path to safety in the event of a power failure with its powerful built-in beacon.

    Escape Flashlight


    Light the way forward to escape at such a LIFE-or-DEATH moment, lifesaving HANDHELD flashlight even power outages, one hour of emergency time.

    Emergency Lighting


    Be automatically lit after the power failure, its power is 2W, can last for one hour. In an emergency condition, it is still in earthquake detection and alert status.

    SOS Signals


    In the event, you cannot exit your home or office building, Earthquake Alert sounds a powerful siren – plus flashes a bright red and white light to alert rescuers to come to your aid. Simply put it against your window.

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