• Night Light

    • BLUETOOTH 4.0 SPEAKER: A table lamp lights up your living room or bed room, via bluetooth high-fidelity speaker, exposure to dulcet music, your mind expands and body relaxes.
    • In the event you cannot exit your home or office building, Earthquake Alert sounds a powerful siren – plus flashes a bright red and white light to alert rescuers to come to your aid. Simply put it against your window.
    • Escape Flashlight: Light the way forward to escape at such a LIFE-or-DEATH moment, lifesaving HANDHELD flashlight even power outages, one hour of emergency time.
    • TOUCH 3 LEVELS BRIGHTNESS: Easily turn the lamp on / off by one-touch control. It’s convenient and easier than flicking a light switch. 3 levels of brightness suits for your various needs.
    • EYE FRIENDLY BRIGHTNESS: High quality LED power supply, 360-degree light, flicker free , no dazzle, well balance lighting, soft as the moonlight.

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