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New Product Aims to Save Lives

Sizemic Alert

Contact: Martina Zhang

Phone: Tel: 0086-15105839213 / 0573 - 8898 5505 # 815


Sizemic Alert™ (October 23, 2018) - Zhejiang Tai-G Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., (a division of Gatherway) manufacturers of professional home and industrial lighting products today introduced Sizemic Alert™, a new scientifically designed earthquake home monitor product aimed at saving lives in active seismic regions of the United States, Canada and Europe.

“This is a cutting edge product unique in the marketplace,” said Frank Shen, the General Manager of Zhejiang Tai-G Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. “We expect tremendous interest in this product in earthquake regions across the globe. Sizemic Alert™ should be installed in every home in areas of seismic activity to reduce injury or death.”

Based on the latest seismographic observation and scientific research, engineers confirmed the existence of a seismo-magnetic effect and data indicates there are geomagnetic abnormalities around earthquake regions before most earthquakes. Abnormal activities in electromagnetic waves and magnetic fields are key to monitoring earthquakes. “We have developed this patented product, the Multi-Function Earthquake Alarm Device, Sizemic Alert™ (based on the above research and studies. It alerts of abnormal geomagnetic activities, contains an earthquake alarm, functions as an emergency lamp, and is able to send visual and audio SOS distress alarms.”

Sizemic Alert™ detects a minimum ≥4.0 magnitude earthquake, sounds a penetrating alarm and awakes the homeowner - then Illuminates a path to safety in the event of a power failure with its powerful built-in beacon.

In the event it is impossible to exit a damaged home, Sizemic Alert™ features a powerful siren – plus flashes a bright red and white light to alert rescuers.

The company has 200 employees and continues to successfully develop hi-tech lighting solutions. More information can be obtained by visiting the company’s web site at

No.576, Gaoxing Xiyi Rd,

Tongxiang Economic Development Zone,

314500, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China.

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